I will be moving and changing the name of this blog

Hello everyone who reads this blog! I will be transitioning this blog to another web address and changing its name due to the fact that I may not just have dystonia. After speaking with my neurologist he is adamant that I do not just have dystonia. I certainly have many qualities of a dystonic but certain movements I make are not in line with Dystonia. I was originally told that I had cervical dystonia at the first hospital I went to but my neurologist has not made that diagnosis. As I continue to have more tests and learn more about this disorder I will be changing the name of my blog so that I do not feel like I am misleading anyone. I will continue to try to raise awareness about Dystonia on my new blog. For now I will only refer to my condition as “my movement disorder”. My new blog can be found at this address:


I hope that you all continue to read my blog and I love hearing about what you all think! I’ll see you guys at my new blog and I’ll make sure to keep you updated on my condition!

– Chris Shaw

One response

  1. Chris I hope you find the answers to your “movement disorder.”I was misdiagnosed several times before I finally received my correct diagnoses of Cervical Dystonia.I will continue to follow your progress on your new blog.I wish you well.My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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